Lord Shiva

Sri Sidheswara Ashtakam - A Prayer To Lord Siva as Siddheshwara

Translated By P. R. Ramachander

This great octet was written about 70 years back by Maha Periyavaa when he went on a pilgrimage to Benares. Recently It was found out this Stotra is carved in stone in the Sidheswara temple.(the detailed history of the stotram was brought to notice of all devotees of Maha Periyavaa by One Sri Suresh, who writes in the name of Sanu Puthra) The Bashyam (commentary ) to this great stotra was written by Sri Mullaivasal Krishnamurthi SAstri who also has written the commentary to another great stotra called Durga Pancharathnam , again written by Mahaperiyavaa. I understand from https://mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com that Sri Ganesa SArma , Smt.Gita Kalyan and Sri Ambi of Echangudi were involved in this project. My humble translation attempt is based on that great Tamil commentary. I am humbly submitting my humble attempt on the lotus like feet of Maha Periyavaa.

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peedadhipathi Jagad guru Sri Sankarachaya Sri Chandra sekharendra saraswathi sri Mahaswami virachitham.

(This has been written by Mahaswami Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi who is the Guru of universe occupying the Sri Kanchi Kama Koti peetam).

1.Maha theertha rajasya there vibhantham,
Maha bhoothi rooopam , mahathmaika vedhyam,
Maha sidhi poora pradhanaika daksham,
Bhajamaiva Sidheswaram chitha shambhum

Oh mind sing about Sidheswara, who is benevolent ,
Who shines on the shore of the king of great sacred waters,
Who has the form of divine prosperity, who is known by great souls,
And who is an expert in giving great divine powers.

2. Mamojas vadhakshyagni basmavasesha,
Madhandhascha daksho gathasochya bhavam,
Manojaacha dakshagni dantho madhantho,
BHaje nirmadathwaya Sidheswaram thwaam.

The one who enchants the mind was burnt by the fire of your eye and became nere ash,
Daksha who became blind by pride reached a pitiable state,
And due to the burnt stelaer of mind people become blind with pride,
And so for being one without pride, I worship that Sidheswara.

3. Iyam chaapi gangaa nibadhaa khabardhe,
Madhaadyaa yadassaa kanaksheera kalpam,
Visrushtaa jagat papa nasaya yena,
Swayam chitha Sidheswaram chinthayainam.

That Ganga who was very proud was tied and stopped,
On your head just as if she was a mere drop of water ,
And was later released as she was created to destroy the sins of the world,
And Oh mind you please meditate on that Sidheswara.

4. Na they antho na chaathir harissopi dathaa,
Varaaho bhavan oordhwa hamsee bhavamscha,
THadhaa dehi sakshyam bhaje banthameva ,
Maha lingaroopena Sidheswaram thwaam.

Though they took the form of boar and the swan,
Lord Hari and Lord Brahma were not able to find your ends,
And became witnesses to you who were like a flame ,
And so I worship Sidheswara who has the form of great linga.

5. Shivoyam pradheso mahaan Madhya desa,
Shivaa Jahnavi nithya sidha pravaahaa,
Shiva sthwam Shivam nithya sidham dadhaanah,
Shivo nassadhaa devaa , Sidheswaraa syaa.

This middle part of the country belongs to Lord Shiva,
For daily The ganges of Lord Shiva auspiciously flows here ,
You being Shiva who is abode of peace should give us divinity,
As you are always God Shiva who is Lord Sidheswara.

6. Padhaabje thwadheeye swageeyaakshi padmam,
Puraa bhooshanathvena Narayanodhaath ,
Itheetham pura vruthamadhyathra sathyam,
Parayo Hari saadhu Sidheswara agaath.

Once Lord Narayana gave his lotus like eyes,
On your lotus like feet , so that it is decorated,,
And this old saying has now become the truth,
AS the Narayana of Badrinath has given himself to the abode of Sidheswara.

7. Khabardath thwadheeyaath visrushtaapi Ganga,
Puna sevithum thwamaho badhavaanchaa,
Sakaase thwadheeyethi bara pravaahaa ,
Nijambobhishekaaya Sidheswaraagaath.

That Ganga who was left out by your head,
Has come again to serve you due to attachment,
And is come here prepared with her heavy flow of water ,
To anoint you , Oh Lord Sidheswara.\

8.Na mathosmyaham chen namathosi binna
Nama thoshitha sthwam nama thosha naadhaa,
Na mathosi binna sthvamaikya dosham,
Namathbya pradheheeha Sidheswara thwam.

Even if I am proud , you are not different from this proud me,
You who becomes happy when devotees salute you , also makes those who salute you happy
And being not different from this proud me , you also make me happy,
AS you give happiness to those who salute you Lord Sidheswara.

Ithi Praya Sidhesawara BHakthi bruth janathaa hrudhi slokashtakamidham
Nithyam varthayathaam shubham.

Let this prayer octet increase the happiness in the minds of
Those devotees who are devoted to Prayaga Sidheswari

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Aum Namah Shivayah!